Tube Watch (Week of May 22, 2014)

Another week gone by, and the Memorial Day weekend fast approaches us.  The Great Stories team will be at the Pop Culture Expo in Wilmington, MA on Saturday the 24th looking to give away prizes and find some charismatic talent for a new project, but that is putting the proverbial cart before the horse.  Let’s take a look at how the team filled in their precious free hours over the past seven days!

Chris and Marcel both took to the theaters last weekend to see Amazing Spider-Man 2, and came away feeling that it was a good time.  Not the perfect Spider-Man movie, but entertaining all the same.  Chris also added Godzilla to his movie-going experience on Sunday and was happy to have the memories of the Matthew Broderick version (1998) wiped from his memory.  On DVD, Chris also happened to catch two abduction thrillers.  The first, Beyond (starring Jon Voight) was completely underwhelming and should be passed over.  But the second, Gone (starring Amands Seyfried) was far better and worth a rainy night viewing.  Additionally, he watched the thriller Man on a Ledge (starring Jamie Bell and Ed Harris).  Definitely a worthy picture.  And finally, the true story drama Fruitvale Station, about a young man who tragically loses his life in Oakland after a controversial stop and arrest, which ended up being an effective film documenting the victim’s final day.

Marcel and Melissa both continued to watch the first season of Once Upon a Time, and both are majorly hooked on the story so far.

Rob, per usual, was faithful to his beloved Game of Thrones series this week, but had no other time to watch anything beyond some collegiate lacrosse.  Heck, he had a pile of comics to go through on his way to picking this week’s comic selection, so we can give him a pass, right?  🙂

Lastly, but never leastly (sic), Jim reveled in some Clint Eastwood action by watching The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.  Not to be outdone with this classic, he also added the Cary Grant/Tony Curtis film, Operation Petticoat to his viewing schedule.  And on the more recent front, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (starring Ben Stiller) which he found to be a well done remake with a great soundtrack.


What did you watch this past week?



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