Tube Watch (Week of May 15, 2014)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Another week has past us by and the Great Stories team filled in their precious free moments with some good material.  Let’s review.


Jim was busy with Peter Jackson’s two latest films, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which he believed to be enjoyable enough but lacking in the “oomph” of the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy that has captivated millions.  A relatively light week for our friend and appreciator of classic Hollywood fare.


Rob took in A Game of Thrones, as per usual, but added The Blindside starring Sandra Bullock to his viewing list, which he thought was pretty good.  Also on tap for him was the season premiere of a new HBO series called Silicone Valley.  But he is most looking forward to HBO’s upcoming series The Leftovers, from the mind of Lost writer Damon Lindelof.


Chris and Marcel both watched the season finale to Agents of SHIELD, which a series that really has finally taken flight.  They both hope season two can continue the quality level and positive momentum that was front and center for the last few episodes of the season.  They also both watched 47 Ronin, starring master thespian Keanu Reaves <snicker>.  A pretty good samurai movie for sure.  And on top of that, they both took in a nice WWII drama called Emperor, starring Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas MacArthur and Matthew Fox as the man assigned to investigate the Emperor of Japan’s role in the bombing of Pearl Harbor, as well as the questionable surrender that came after two atomic bombs were dropped on Japanese cities.  Definitely worth your one and three quarter hours of time.


And finally, Melissa attempted to watch the Oscar-nominated All is Lost, starring Robert Redford, but was so bored to tears that she fell aspleep (in the middle of the day!).  I think a movie with one actor and no real dialogue to play off of other personalities can be a bit of an acquired taste.  Who knows?  She and Chris also both watched the underwhelming Reasonable Doubt, starring Sam Jackson and Dominick Purcell, about a prosecutor whose job putting away a murder suspect may have been compromised by a poor choice.


What were you watching this week?


Have a great upcoming weekend everyone!

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