Comic Pick of the Week (May 7, 2014)

Rob may not be handling this week’s picks, but that does not mean that Moon Knight can’t figure into this week’s comic pick blog.  Heck no!  We are very interested in Marvel’s latest big event storyline, and Original Sin #1 hit book shelves this week.



You might think a storyline featuring a blend of Avengers (such as Iron Man and Captain America), street level anti-heroes (such as Punisher and Moon Knight), as well as intergalactic and other-worldy heroes (such as Gamora and Doctor Strange) would pose as an odd team combination, and you would be absolutely right from our perspective.  But the intrigue is palpable with Uatu the Watcher being murdered by an assassin of unknown origin.  What are the ramifications of this event?  What was the motive?  And who would be powerful and resourceful enough to have pulled off such a despicable act?  I guess writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato think that the crew they have assembled will bring all to light and we are happily jumping on board for the journey to truth.

But it does not end there!

Writer Garth Ennis, perhaps in a nod to all of those fans of Ridley Scott’s Alien, has given us the new sci-fi horror series Caliban.  Issue #2 dropped this week, and we are excited to see where the man known for the popular series Preacher is going to take us.


Something tells us this book is not going to be for the squeamish, so proceed with caution!  And in our case, we will joyously bound forth and head towards certain doom with a wide grin and just hope for the best.  😉

Remember, Great Stories are everywhere!


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  1. Don’t forget Moon Knight #3 also came out this week with a story that ties back to the original series. It makes me cringe to say it, but The Savage Studs are back!

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