Tube Watch (Week of May 1 2014)

Hey Everyone….the team is back to fill you in on what we have been watching after taking a one week break to catch some sunshine in beautiful San Diego California.  So, what has been happening the last couple of weeks?

Chris was busy watching the NHL playoffs commence by taking in both Bruins and Kings games but did make time to watch a very entertaining crime thriller/action movie called Gangster Squad with Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, and Ryan Gosling.  And that was about it for his solo viewing fare as most of his free time was spent quietly murdering his phone in the hotel pool while covering the tracks of his crime.  😉

Melissa turned in some marathon viewing of Lost episodes, and managed to get through half of Season Three and all of Season Four in the past two weeks.  Impressive!  She is even doing a fine job piecing together the storyline and guessing at the upcoming plot developments (without cheating by internet).

Marcel has been keeping close tabs on Agents of SHIELD as it runs quickly towards the season finale, and loves the events that are unfolding.  Yes, this series has definitely hit a good groove!  He also watched a couple of older comedies, Click with Adam Sandler and Mean Girls 2, which he enjoyed.  On the not so good front was the A&E remake of Bonnie & Clyde with Emile Hirsch and Holiday Grainger.  He says quite simply, “it was terrible”.  As plain spoken as a twelve year old can be!

Rob has had no time for anything but repeated watches of Game of Thrones.  He might be in heaven if that show played on a 24 hour loop.  😉

And finally, Jim continued his Alfred Hitchcock marathon from our last Tube Watch entry by adding The Birds to his list.  He also took in the fantastic Breakdown starring the GREAT Kurt Russell.  Love Jones, a 1997 romantic comedy starring Larenz Tate and Nia Long, met his approval (I assume his wife put him up to this one!).  And he took time to watch A Boy Named Charlie Brown with his wonderful daughter Amy.  Ah yes, to share the joys of your own childhood with another generation is really one of the best things about parenting, isn’t it?

That is all from the team this week.  Check in again soon!


-The Great Stories Team

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