Tube Watch (Week of April 3rd)

We are back with another round of Tube Watch.  So what were the Great Stories family and friends watching this week?  Let’s see…..


Marcel watched Khumba, an animated tale of a Zebra who is kicked out of his herd and strikes out on his own to find redemption and acceptance.  From the sounds of laughter emanating from the living room, I’d say the movie was a hit!  He also got back into Agents of SHIELD with Chris for a great episode leading into this week’s Captain America movie premiere (more on that in our trailer blog today).


Rob was all-in on TV series as he caught the season finale’s of How I Met Your Mother (he was not happy with the ending) and The Walking Dead (stupid six month cliffhanger endings!).  On top of that, he watched Big Bang Theory and the animated Spectacular Spider-Man Season One (highly recommended).  He also took the time to view the second installment of The Hunger Games with Catching Fire, which he thought was only OK.


Jim made Catching Fire a very popular choice amongst the Great Stories team this week.  Marcel had seen it last week, so that only leaves Melissa and Chris as the lone holdouts.  He claims (much like Marcel) that the second movie is a big improvement on the first.  Also included in his viewing this week was Enchanted (a movie Melissa has probably seen about 30 times and is her favorite film of all time).  I am not sure he enjoyed it as much as she did, but it was a definite thumbs up with the adorable Amy Adams in the lead role.  Lastly, he caught About Time, a time traveling romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams, which he thought was funny and inventive.  Richard Curtis directed this one, who is also responsible for the film Love Actually, which Jim recommends to everyone.


Chris kept up the trend of turning to Netflix for tv shows he never got around to.  It was a little more Bates Motel as well as the first three episodes of JJ Abrams’ Revolution, about an event that wipes out the power grid in America.  So far so good on that show!  He also watched the old classic Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemmon comedy Some Like It Hot, at Jim’s suggestion.  But you can read his thoughts on that one in The Honor Roll blog that came out earlier this week.


Melissa continued her quest to get through Season Three of Lost…..she really is upset with that character Julia (yes, she refuses to call her Juliette, since that is her niece’s name).  And she half paid attention to the newest movie arrival in the household while she cleaned the bedroom.  Yes, another Tinkerbell adventure, The Pirate Fairy in now in her possession.  Anticipate a repeat and more thorough viewing by next week’s blog.


We’ll be back next week to check in with another Tube Watch.  Happy viewing to you all!


-The Great Stories Team

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