Tube Watch (Week of April 17, 2014)

Reviewing what the Great Stories team has been watching over the past week, we start with Jim.  Our resident fan of the old classics took a marathon run through some classic Hitchcock films such as Rebecca, Saboteur, Lifeboat, and Spellbound.  He highly recommends all of these movies.  In addition, he also watched 2001’s Bandits, starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchett.  Another winner in his book!


Marcel was not happy with our selection of The Sandlot for his Friday movie night this past week, and instead watched The Anchorman 2 with his brother Thomas.  We know Jim was very sour on this film, but to the less sophisticated minds it was a big hit.  He also watched Agents of SHIELD with Chris, as the fall out from Captain America 2 continues to spill into the TV series to great effect!


In addition to watching Agents of SHIELD, Chris took time to see the much lauded Clooney/Bullock movie, Gravity.  The special effects awards were well deserved even if the story was a bit one dimensional, but that was not really the point, right?  Clocking in at just about 90 minutes, it is worth the view (especially for those of you with a nice big screen in your living room)!


Melissa managed to watch nothing Tinkerbell or faerie-related this week, but did catch Frozen for the second time.  Yeah, that movie was Disney’s best animated flick in ages.  She also finally completed season three of Lost and even started on the fourth season.


Rob, on the other hand, was mired in more personal busyness (and comic reading of course!).  But he did manage to keep up with the epic Game of Thrones series on HBO.  Maybe next week will allow him a little more diversity to his viewing pallet?


What were you all watching this week?  Let us know here!


The Great Stories Team

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