Tube Watch (Week of April 10 2014)

So, what were we watching this past week?


Chris and Marcel ventured out to the theaters this past Tuesday night to catch Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, which was all sorts of epic!  Do not miss this one!  They both followed it up by catching Agents of SHIELD the following night to see the crazy fall-out from the events that transpired in Cap’s latest movie.  This series has officially arrived after a mediocre start.  The tie-in to the Marvel Universe and the events both surprised us and left us in great anticipation of next week’s show.  In keeping with the Marvel theme, they both watched Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher, which was a decent animated feature film.


Chris also found time to watch the PG-13 horror Insidious 2, which was OK, and not up to par with the first movie.  Additionally, he decided to watch the direct to DVD horror The Fields starring Tara Reid.  Why?  I have no idea.  But he would probably choose waterboarding as an alternate activity next time around.


Jim was getting his Oscar on with viewings of Best Picture 12 Years a Slave, which he found 100% worthy of its award.  Best Picture nominee Nebraska was also on his viewing list, which he found to be quite dull and decidedly not worthy of its place on the consideration list (though he did mention that June Squibb put in a funny performance).  He didn’t make it through twenty minutes of Anchorman 2 before gonging it.  But his palate was redeemed by American Hustle, which he says is well worth our time.  That’s a lot of big time movies in one week, man!


Rob was a little off his viewing schedule thanks to those parental duties (including his part time lacrosse coaching gig) but did find the opportunity to see the season premiere of Friends with Better Lives, which he said was only OK.  The Game of Thrones fan that he is brought him a second viewing of the season opener.  And Big Bang Theory was also on his couch potato to do list.


Melissa, as previously discussed last week, watched Pirate Fairy AGAIN!  Yes, she is a Tinkerbell fanatic.  Somebody get her some help….or some fairy dust…PRONTO!  And she did not catch one episode of Lost Season Three, which means she is still about a decade behind the rest of the world.  LOL.


Well, that is it for Tube Watch this week.  Check in with us again next Thursday for another installment of “Which Tinkerbell movie will Melissa Watch this Week?”  😉

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