The Honor Roll: Best Comedies (April Fool’s Day Edition) Part Two

The Honor Roll is a Great Stories feature column that gives you the best in class movies, books, and multimedia from the Great Stories team.  This month Jim and Chris make their top picks for the best comedies of all time in observance of April Fool’s Day!  Here is part two with Chris’ picks!

Happy Gilmore

“He doesn’t play golf…he destroys it.”


Adam Sandler graduates from Billy Madison to unveil his brightest shining moment in cinema.  The familial aspect of his film-making, with much of the same cast constantly appearing in all of his films works and helps us to appreciate his motivation of making movies for fun with his friends.  Sandler as a frustrated hockey player who finds his long drive to be the vehicle to saving his beloved grandmother’s house and her life as she knows it.  Hilarious moments that will have you repeating lines for years to come.

Jim’s Comment:  Sorry, not a Sandler fan. I saw this movie once and enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top of a list of great comedies. ‘S about it. Oh, and the girl was cute.



“You’ve read the ad.  Now see the movie.” 


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Leslie Nielsen reinvented himself with movies like the great Airplane.  Slapstick comedy was never finer than in this film with a classic appearance from Kareem Abdul Jabaar.  I cannot recommend this movie highly enough, but if you don’t have a tolerance for silly antics and dialogue, then go rent Tootsie instead.  😉

Jim’s Comment:  See yesterday’s post.



Monty Python & the Holy Grail

 “Makes Ben Hur look like an epic!”



Another one of those quotable movies that do not leave your mind for years thereafter.  The Monty Python crew has really produced some classic tv and movie moments, but here is their finest gem in the storehouse.  From Sir Robin’s “bravery” against the three-headed argumentative giant to killer bunny rabbits to mind games against bridge guardians, this movie will have you in more stitches than the poor ankle-biting black knight in one of the most famous scenes of the movie.  Rent it….But it….Just watch it now you silly kiniggits!

Jim’s Comment:  The Pythons raise silliness to a high art in their 1974 classic.  Yes, nerds have been quoting it for years to the point of annoyance, but it still stands tall as one of the funniest comedies ever made.  Proof that creativity need not come with a budget that would pay off the national debt for several countries.  Ni!


The 40 Year Old Virgin

“Better late than never.”



Both Jim and I find this movie to be one of the finest comedies of the modern era, and we also agree that Paul Rudd may have one of his most memorable performances.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, yes “Yamo gonna burn this place to the ground” is one of the best lines I think any actor has had in the last ten years in this genre.  Steve Carrell really made himself a household name with this one.  Enjoy!

Jim’s Comment:  See yesterday’s blog entry.





The Cannonball Run 

“You’ll root for them all…but you’ll never guess who wins.”



The movie that I grew up watching more as a child than any other (with the possible exception of Star Wars).  Yeah, I’ve probably seen it about 15 times at least, and I am not one for watching movies too many times.  The lineup of stars and the obvious fun they had making this movie really shine through in the finished product.  Maybe not the funniest of funny movies, but you can’t help but feel good when watching it.

Jim’s Comment:  This is an April Fool’s joke, isn’t it?  Because seriously, this was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.  I was actually jealous of the actors goofing around during the end credits, because they were obviously having a much better time making this movie than I had while being forced to sit through it.  Despite all of the great work that these wonderful performers did elsewhere, I still wanted to go up to every one of them and let them know about the time and money that I had just wasted watching them.  The only MILDLY funny moment was watching the great Dom DeLuise run past the camera in his Captain Chaos getup.  For shame, Christopher!



And that ends another edition of the honor roll with Jim and Chris.  Rob just posted his Comic Pick of the Week blog (no, not the Bronies one!!!), so go check that out when you get a moment.  Thursday we will be back with another Tube Watch and then first Friday of the month means there is another edition of the Fresh Popped Corn movie trailer blog coming at you!


-The Great Stories Team

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