Comic Picks of the Week (March 12, 2014)


I’ve gotta be honest here, there wasn’t a clear winner for me in this week’s new comic releases.  I’m very excited to read both Dark Horse’s The Star Wars #6 (of 8) and Marvel’s The Superior Spider-Man #29.  However, both are in the middle of existing story arcs and it’s hard to advise people to hop on mid-arc.  But, if you are looking to grab some back issues then by all means go to town!  Both stories are well told.





The Star Wars is an adaptation of George Lucas’s original rough draft screenplay.  It’s quite different than the Star Wars you saw on the big screen and for Star Wars fans it’s a great treat to see how things might have been.  You could of course wait a few months for the trade paperback or hardcover of the collected issues.


The Superior Spider-Man is coming to an end and this issue is part 3 of 5 of the Goblin Nation story arc.  If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not know that Otto Octavius is the “Superior Spider-Man.”  But, good old Peter Parker will be back next month.  As things come to a head, this issue will be packed with the nefarious spiderslayers, Spider-Man 2099, The Green Goblin, and his army of henchmen all gunning for “Spider-Man”.  What’s an octopus in spider’s clothing going to do?


To be honest though, you would do well to also hop in a time-machine and go back a week and grab a copy of Moon Knight #1.  I’m particularly fond of the Skottie Young variant.  Or, you know, you could just go to the shelf with last weeks releases if you don’t have a time-machine…whatever works.  Of course, I could be somewhat biased since The Fist of Khonshu ranks up there with a certain webhead on my list of personal favorites.  The truth is that this really should have been the pick of the week last week if someone around here didn’t have a giant man-crush on a certain Punisher storyteller…



Great Stories are everywhere!


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