Comic Picks of the Week (April 2, 2014)

Ok, here we go for real this time.  It’s another strong week with four titles I know I will be picking up.


Captain America: Winter Soldier #1 (Director’s Cut), Inhuman #1 (finally!!!), Moon Knight #2, and Punisher #4.

From time to time, Marvel and other publishers will release a Director’s Cut version of a comic.  This issue will often include the full written script for the issue, both concept and unfinished art, and writer, artist, and/or editor commentary that give tremendous insight into the creative process.  To help celebrate what will no doubt be the best movie you can go see this week, Marvel has given us a Director’s Cut to honor the release of the film.  Captain America: Winter Soldier #1 (Director’s Cut) includes the complete script, Brubaker’s original series proposal, concept art, and preview pages from the forthcoming Marvel book on the art of the feature film.  If you know, or are, an aspiring comic artist or writer, tracking down a few Director’s Cuts can be a great gift idea.


Next up comes a personal favorite of mine; artwork by Joe Madureira.  His work is just flat out AMAZING!  Below we’ve got the cover for issue one, some Inhuman pencils, and an alternate cover for your viewing pleasure.  The artwork alone sells this one, but I am really looking forward to seeing what Soule can do as well.  Marvel is billing Inhuman as the next big thing.  So what’s the premise?  A cloud of Terrigen mist has turned regular people into Inhumans with amazing powers.  But not everyone thinks this is a good thing…  Don’t miss this issue!



Next up are a couple of fan favorites around the Great Stories blog.  Marc Spector, The Fist of Khonshu, is back in Moon Knight #2, and so is that dude with the guns that is supposed to be locked in an underwater vault by the Avengers. Continuity?  In comics?  Nah.  Frank Castle is running around the left coast and tangling with one of the webhead’s old enemies in The Punisher #4.


Great Stories are everywhere!


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