Comic Pick of the Week March 5 2014

Great Stories selects…….


Veil #1 (Dark Horse)




A new brand of horror comic from the mind of Greg Rucka and illustrated by Toni Fejzula.  A young woman of unknown origin awakes in a subway station naked and alone amidst a sea of vermin.  As she makes her way into the world we know, she is immediately confronted with the best and worst of our society.  But Veil, as she is named, is not as helpless and vulnerable as she seems.


As we became familiar with Greg Rucka’s writing through Punisher and later through his wonderful creation, Lazarus, it is quite apparent that he has a talent for writing strong female characters.  More evidence can be found in his two Whiteout graphic novels.  Veil seems to be no exception, and if horror graphic fiction is your cup of proverbial tea, then we encourage you jump aboard for this tale and see what twisted paths Mr. Rucka has planned!


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-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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