Comic Pick of the Week (March 19 2014)

Great Stories selects…..


The Witcher #1 (Dark Horse)







Dark Horse brings graphic novel rebirth to a character born in a fantasy book series written by Andrzej Sapkowski  in the 90’s (and recently translated into English!).  The comic adaptation is penned by Paul Tobin with art provided by Joe Querio, and this first of five issues sets up quite a creepy tale as our protagonist Geralt meets a hunter with a tragic history.


This incarnation of the comic is actually the second go around for The Witcher in this medium, and we recommend you pick up a copy.  If you really enjoy it, you can then go on a true treasure hunt for the six comic series that was released between 1993-1995.  The novels, which have also been adapted into a video game series, may just shoot to the top of our reading list as well.


Great stories are everywhere!


-Chris (for the Great Stories team)


P.S.  Thanks to Rob Fossey for last week’s comic pick of the week, as well as his support for my fascination with all things Greg Rucka.  😉

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