Comic Pick of the Week February 26 2014

Great Stories selects….


Dead Body Road #3 (Image/Skybound)







The story revolves around a man (Gage) seeking revenge for the murder of his wife after a heist goes bad.  Following the few leads he has, it is a race against time as the orchestrator of the deed is out to tie up all of the loose ends to cover the tracks.  What we have is a tale that has probably been told a hundred times before in print and on screen, but we find compelling just the same due to the artful way in which it is presented to the reader.  Writer Justin Jordan and artist Matteo Scalera may have just scored for Skybound/Image Comics, which continues to shine with its fine creative output.  The gritty pencils provided by Scalera are in perfect concert with the hardened story that is unfolding within these pages.  A good one for the more mature comic reading crowd.

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-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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