Comic Pick of the Week (April 9 2014)

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DC’s flagship property is indisputable.  Batman commands numerous titles on the market at the moment in the New 52, and this one pushes the envelope even further as it is due to be released weekly.  The storyline set up by writer Scott Snyder has a mysterious figure portending the tragic future of Batman and his home city of Gotham before we return to a present day chase that has Batman and Commissioner Gordan chasing down Professor Pyg and his cohorts to a disastrous result.


It is tough to say how this story will fall into continuity with the other Batman titles, but for those of you out there who hate waiting 30 days for every installment, this is the book for you.  The art is looks great in the first installment, and will hopefully not drop in quality due to such an aggressive release schedule.


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-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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