Comic Pick of the Week (April 1 2014)

Great Stories selects…


My Little Pony Portfolio (IDW)



At long last we have a reprint of the coveted My Little Pony Portfolio!!!  I have been waiting for this one all year long!!


Eight, yes you heard me right, eight of your favorite My Little Pony Covers, suitable for FRAMING!  A high quality artist’s portfolio, with 11″ x 17″ prints that are going to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS RIGHT OFF!!! Who doesn’t need a pony hanging in every room of the house?!?!?!?!?


Come my fellow bronies and unite in joy!!  Grab this one off the shelves before they are gone!!!


Great Stories are everywhere!


-Chris (for the Great Stories team)


p.s.  This April Fool’s Day joke has been brought to you by the number 8 and the letter S for shenanigans.  The real pick(s) of the week will be posted later today or tomorrow.  No bronies were harmed in the production of this blog post.  ~Rob

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