Great Stories Business Update

Greetings to everyone in the blogging community!


We just wanted to take a brief detour from celebrating the creative aspects of our world to let you know that Great Stories has hit a major developmental milestone as a formally created corporation.  We are now officially Great Stories, Inc.  It is a very exciting time for our business, and we wanted to share with you all that the small seed of an idea that began in December 2011 has indeed grown into something more in these past fifteen months.


It all began as an e-Bay business, which soon expanded to Amazon.  Following the successful launch of a self-operated business retail site in July 2012 (, the entity grew social media arms through Facebook, Twitter, and of course this very blog.  We have had a very eventful first year, and will continue to seek new venues and marketplaces to grow the Great Stories brand.


As we mentioned in the very first post on our blog, there are great plans ahead.  This is only the beginning of a journey that we anticipate will bring many surprises with it.  Thank you for being a part of the evolution of a brand new start-up company that shares your passions of creativity and adventure.


Our next blog will cover a very cool graphic novel series that we hope you may add to your reading list.  Look for it to appear here in the next few days!


Chris (on behalf of the Great Stories team)

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