Fresh Popped Corn: November 2013 Movie Trailers

Once per month, we will be taking a look at movies released for the upcoming month, and telling our readers where we would be spending our movie dollars each week, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers will be provided so you can see just what we are so excited about.  Movie release dates are subject to change.


November 1st

We are a little late this month with the movie trailer review, so for week one we are going to skip right to the chase and give you the trailer for Ender’s Game.  The movie was seen last weekend by one of our loyal readers (thanks Seth Dargan!), and his very positive comments about Harrison Ford’s return to science fiction has us excited as well!  So, without further delay, check out the trailer.  🙂



November 8th

Today, Thor:  The Dark World attempts to hammer smash its way to the box office roost, and we would be absolutely shocked to see a different result.  Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins all return to their roles in this Marvel Phase Two film.  In Ass Backwards, two women who became best friends after finishing last in a teen beauty pageant get to attempt to redeem themselves as adults in another pageant competition.  Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael star as the bff’s with a not often seen Alicia Silverstone appearing in support.  Justin Long gets two movies debuted this week.  The first is Best Man Down, Justin’s best man tragically dies from alcohol poisoning at his destination wedding.  He and his new bride travel back home to find Lumpy’s loved ones and deliver the news and come to find out how little they really knew about him.  In A Case of You, Justin plays a lovestruck guy who changes his persona to match the dating profile likes of a cute coffee shop girl.  Evan Rachel Wood co-stars.  In The Armstrong Lie, a documentary filmmaker following Lance Armstrong during his final Tour de France stumbles upon the biggest sports scandal of our time when the legendary cyclist is revealed to be guilty of doping in pursuit of glory.  And Charles Dickens classic, Great Expectations gets the big screen treatment starring Jeremy Irvine, Heena Bonham Carter, and Ralph Fiennes.  The Starving Games looks to spoof the mega-hit Hunger Games franchise.  How I Live follows the story of an American girl (Saorise Riordan) who is forced to relocate to the UK with relatives just before a horrible event leads to martial law in the country.   Being the Marvel fans we are, there is no possible way to not pick Thor: The Dark World, but for those of you who are not into the comic book stuff, we would like to recommend Great Expectations.  Check out both trailers below!





November 15th

It is the dead week in between the Marvel and Hunger Games franchise blockbusters.  So, what films will serve as our bridge to these box office giants?  First up, we have Shia LeBeof in Charlie Countryman, in which a young man follows the directions given him by his late mother in a vision to travel to Hungary and falls for a young woman with a very dangerous ex.  Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary covering the 80’s and 90’s Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and the following it created.  The Book Thief stars the great Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson and follows the story of a young girl who goes to live with a foster family in WWII-era Germany and find the power of words as an escape from the madness that surrounds her.  Best Man Holiday stars Taye Diggs, Harold Perrineau, Morris Chestnut, and Terence Howard as old friends who reunite 15 years later at Christmas and find that old flames and rivalries are not hard to reignite.  But our pick of the week is Sunlight Jr., starring Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon as an uneducated and impoverished couple (Dillon also being paraplegic) whose lives get even more complicated when she loses her job after finding out she is pregnant.




November 22nd

As prevously mentioned, the second installment in another hugely successful franchise, Hunger Games:  Catching Fire gets a release and an almost guaranteed number one placement at the box office.  Delivery Man sees Vince Vaughn discovering that a sperm bank he regularly donated to in the old days has made some errors that have led to him being the father to over 500 children, many of whom are suing the clinic to know the identity of their father.  Bettie Page Reveals All is a documentary that examines one of America’s most celebrated sex symbols.  Contracted looks to be a freaky flick that finds a young woman who is beset with an illness of unknown origin after a one night stand that is far more deadly than she can imagine.  And Philomena stars Judi Dench as a woman who desires the find her son whom she gave up for adoption many decades ago, and receives the help of a former journalist played by Steve Coogan who is interested in capturing a human interest story to put his career back on track.  While people flock to the theater to find out how Jennifer Lawrence disposes of a new batch of rivals, we are looking to put our money with Philomena.  Check out the trailer here.


November 27th

Frozen is Disney’s latest animated musical spectacle which features the voices of Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff.  In Oldboy, the American remake of the Japanese cult hit, Spike Lee directs Josh Brolin who plays a professional businessman who embarks on a trail of vengeance as he looks for a reason that he was kidnapped and held captive in solitary confinement for twenty years.  In Homefront, Jason Statham plays an ex-DEA agent who retires to smalltown USA to give his daughter a safe life when a twist of fate puts him in direct conflict with local drug dealer James Franco.  Black Nativity is a musical starring Forrest Whitaker and Anjela Basset that features a rebellious teen who goes to live with estranged relatives and gets a little divine inspiration to turn his wayward life around. And finally in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Idris Elba takes on the role of the famous South African leader who led a movement of change in the Dutch colony.  Over the Thanksgiving break, we are definitely looking at some family fare and Frozen looks like it truly could become an instant Disney classic, so we will be looking to please the kids in our lives at the end of the month.  Oh who are we kidding…we love this stuff too!




What are you most looking forward to seeing this month!?


Chris (for the Great Stories team) 

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