Fresh Popped Corn: February 2014 Movie Trailers

Once per month, we will be taking a look at movies released for the upcoming month, and telling our readers where we would be spending our movie dollars each week, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers will be provided so you can see just what we are so excited about.  Movie release dates are subject to change.


February 7th

The month of February begins with the beloved toy line turned blockbuster movie, The Lego Movie.  Will ferrell, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, and Alison Brie are just a few of the recognizable talents lending their voices to the characters on screen and it is probably a shoe-in to take this week’s box office prize.  The Monuments Men will likely be no slouch in ticket sales with George Clooney, Bill Murray, Matt Damon, and John Goodman all part of a platoon that are sent to retrieve and protect works of art from nazi thieves during WWII.  Vampire Academy looks to be a cross between Harry Potter and Twilight as a school of mortal peaceful vampires is threatened by the evil immortal race of vampires.  Olga Kurylenkom, Gabriel Byrne, and Zoey Deutch all star.  In limited release, there is a Cavemen starring Chad Michael Murray and Camilla Belle in a romantic comedy drama that we have probably seen dozens of times before.  Fantastic Fear of Everything is a quirky dark comedy starring Simon Pegg who cannot get a hold on life due to his irrational fears.  A Field in England looks to be a psychedelic British treasure hunt comedic drama which apparently we are too sober to understand or appreciate.  Nurse 3D is a erotic horror starring Paz de la Huerta as a crazy nurse who develops an unhealthy fascination with her co-worker (Katrina Bowden).  Kids for Cash is a documentary about a possibly corrupt judge who may have taken money to lock up teens for minor offenses in a small US district.  The Pretty One is a drama about identical twins who end up in a car accident that results in the death of one, and results unexpectedly in the other adopting her sister’s old life.  Zoe Kazan plays the twins.  We are all in for The Monuments Men, although maybe some of the historical facts may be in question, looks like a very entertaining drama with a great cast.  Check out the trailer below.




February 14th

Kicking things off for Valentine’s week, we have a couple of remakes of older movies.  About Last Night stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall,and Joy Bryant for an examination on love for two couples with distinct challenges.  Endless Love is a remake of a Brooke Shields movie starring Gabriella Wilde as a priveleged and sheltered young lady whose world is transformed by a young man from the other side of the tracks and sparking a runaway train love affair made only more complicated by the parents who attempt to keep them apart.  Decidedly not a love story, but also falling into the remake category is Robocop with Samuel Jackson and Michael Keaton, rebooting the successful franchise.  Adult World stars Emma Roberts as an aspiring poet who takes a job in an adult book store while searching for her path to success.  John Cusack stars as her college professor who attempts to guide her way.  Jimmy P is a psychological drama about the plight of the plains Indian in America, starring Benicio del Toro.  And Lucky Bastard looks to be what should be a direct to the waste basket movie about an adult movie gone wrong.  But the movie we’ll be looking out for is Winter’s Tale, starring Collin Farrel as a man who may have been reincarnated from a tortured soul who once had love stripped away from him by death but sets on a mission to make their world right.  Perfect for a Valentine’s Day date!  Check out the trailer below:




February 21st

3 Days to Kill sees Kevin Costner do his best Liam Neeson as a secret agent/assassin Dad who tries his best to get out of the business but is pulled back in to preserve his family.  Pompeii is Paul Anderson’s (Resident Evil franchise/Event Horizon) take on the famous historic city that was destroyed following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  Barefoot stars Evan Rachel Wood as a “not altogether” young woman who accompanies a young well to do man (Scott Speedman) to his brother’s wedding to odd result.  And In Secret tells the tale of a young woman forced into a loveless marriage but falling in love with another man, who helps to plot an “accidental death” for her husband.  Elizabeth Olsen, Jessica Lange, and Tom Felton star.  Our choice includes a little shot of testosterone after a week of romantic comedies.  Pompeii seems to serve it up to us and we are hopeful that Paul Anderson can recapture some movie magic that he has on occasion shown.




February 28th

Non-Stop has Liam Neeson attempting to save a commercial flight as an air marshall as a killer picks off victims every twenty minutes.  Julianne Moore co-stars.  Son of God is the story of Jesus told from his birth to resurrection.  Welcome to Yesterday is a time travel thriller starring a bunch of unknown teens who begin to change time to catastrophic effect, leaving the group to devise a way to undue all of their damage.  The Bag Man stars Robert De Niro and another case/bad full of something we may never know (see Ronin).  John Cusack is charged with delivering its contents by any means necessary until Rebecca Da Costa’s troubled woman enters the picture to foil his plans.  And Repentance sees Forest Whitaker try to outdo his scary bad self (see Last King of Scotland for just how scary he can be) as a man of questionable mental stability who targets a life coach (Mike Epps) with a questionable past for revenge.  This has turned out to be the best week of the month and our hardest choice with four real contenders.  We will settle for a two movie tie for our pick and give you the following trailers (Son of God and Non-Stop) for your enjoyment:






See you in a month for another edition of Fresh Popped Corn!


-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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