Fresh Popped Corn: April 2013 Movie Trailers

Great Stories’ new column for our movie trailer preview series is here.  One per month, we will be taking a look at movies released for the upcoming month, and telling our readers where we would be spending our movie dollars each week, based on the look of the trailers.  Links to the chosen trailers will be provided so you can see just what we are so excited about.


April 5th 2013

The first week of April’s biggest and most talked about releases are a remake and a re-release, which does not impress too greatly.  First is Tri-Star’s re-imagining of the Sam Raimi horror classic, Evil Dead.  Does the trailer look creepy?  Sure. But, it is hard to wipe away the image of Bruce Campbell showing off his chin and his scream king qualities in a role that made him famous.  Moving on, we have Jurassic Park 3-D.  Have to say that this 3-D thing is getting far overdone, and this release just does not offer anything new.  This has shameless cash grab written all over it.  Julianne Moore stars in a horror flick called 6 Souls, which is sure to get the “quick to DVD” treatment as horror fans flock to the aforementioned Evil Dead.  Then there is The Brass Teapot, starring Juno Temple, which features a recently married couple who discover a unique item that gifts them money for all the pain they inflict on themselves.  In an effort to prevent a sudden urge for slef-flaggelation, we shall wait for the DVD release.  And with that, we bring you the Great Stories pick of the week.  It is the Robert Redford/Shia LeBeouf drama, The Company You Keep, which tells the story of a suspected 60’s era radical who is sought for a crime committed years before and his efforts to clear his name.  Check out the trailer below, which caught our attention!



April 12th 2013

The second week of April sees the release of the much-anticpiated Jackie Robinson story, 42, starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford!  After that, we suffer through Scary Movie V, which by all rights should have just quit after the first two.  Disconnect, which stars Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, and an ensemble cast about the struggles of people in a modern information age society where technology exacerbates their issues and failings as people looks interesting.  It’s a Disaster is a comedy starring Julia Stiles which we predict will be dead on arrival in terms of comedic delivery.  And finally, there is Ben Affleck following the brilliant Argos, with the artsy romance of To the Wonder.  Great Stories is going to go with 42, which combines a sociological history lesson with America’s past time in what sincerely looks to be a fine sports drama (with Harrison ford, no less!).


April 19th 2013

Oblivion with Tom Cruise is the big budget release of the week and looks promising with Morgan Freeman in support.  The sci-fi actioner is looking to help Cruise rebound from the sluggish ticket sales of his last effort, Jack Racher.  Home Run gives us another baseball themed drama, with Scot Elrod playing the role of superstar Cory Brand, whose bad boy antics get him suspended from his team and he goes home to find redemption coaching a Little League team.  Kon-Tiki is the true story of a 1947 expedition from Peru across the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft by a small team of Norwegians who are out to prove that Polynesia was settled by similarly sea-faring South Americans.  Rob Zombie returns his directorial talents to the big screen with the much-anticipated Lords of Salem, which tells the story of a modern day coven terrorizing Salem, Massachusetts.  As much as we are excited to see the Massachusetts-based horror effort, we were stunned by the beauty of the cinematography for the Kon Tiki trailer, and it looks like just the kind of movie you would want to see on the big screen!  Check out the trailer!

April 26th 2013

Pain & Gain is the new Michael Bay produced off-beat actioner starring Mark Walhlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as two body builders setting out to make something of themselves and end up caught in a kidnapping/extortion plot.  The Big Wedding brings Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and more together, as a very religious and traditional family are set to join in union with a family that boasts the opposite values.  Laughter ensues.  Dennis Quaid stars as a family farm owner whose son (played by Zac Effron) forgoes the family trade to become a race car driver in At Any PriceFilly Brown tells the story of a talented urban writer who forges ahead to make a name for herself amidst the chaos of a broken family by becoming a hip hop artist.  Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children tells the story of two children born within moments of India’s newly gained independence from the British Empire in what looks to be a gripping drama.  Colin Firth plays a man who changes his identity to start a new life when he meets a thief (Emily Blunt) who is similarly trying to escape her own past in Arthur Freeman.  But the winner for us in the final week of April looks to be Mud, starring Matthew McConaughey as a fugitive living in the woods who forms a friendship with two boys who help him evade the bounty hunters looking for him while he seeks to be reunited with his true love.  After seeing the trailer, this could be the role that re-establishes McConaughey as a big name in Hollywood, especially after some great buzz at Cannes!

Thanks for checking out Great Stories movie picks for April, and we welcome your thoughts on what has you excited to visit the theaters this month!

Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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