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The Trial of the Punisher #1 (Marvel)







For Punisher fans, we are by and large still lamenting the loss of the last unlimited series, written by the talented Greg Rucka.  Marvel decided to pull the plug on that wonderful series in favor of putting Frank Castle into the Thunderbolts team book.  And with it came an update to the characters physical appearance as well as the introduction of a red skull to blend with the team composition.  Fashion faux pas aside, the character just does not belong in a team book.  Castle has always been a more solitary figure.  He is a lone wolf that has never played nice with others.  So, fans such as me, continue to buy Thunderbolts to support the marketability of our beloved anti-hero without actually enjoying the journey of the story as we should.  Enter the 2-issue Trial of the Punisher.




Debuting today, this particularly satisfying Punisher yarn was actually written more than two years ago by Marc Guggenheim (Arrow).  Finally, after visits to various editors over time, Marc’s story was finally given the green light.  The art is being handled by Leinil Yu in the first issue with a seamless transition to Mico Sauyan for issue two.  And the story, in true Punisher style, will hit you pretty hard right off the bat with a very cool opening confession by Frank Castle himself in a local NYC precinct.  This story is a court-room driven tale, but that does not mean it is without its visual and contextual excitement.  In fact, the first issue is ripe with fantastic sequences and plot development.  And the last panel is really going to have you guessing what Frank is scheming in a situation that voluntary places him in the cross-hairs of an execution for a capital crime.


So, while Marvel fumbles around with their long-range Punisher plans, sink your teeth into this mini for some awesome traditional Punisher action with a twist.  Trial of the Punisher #1 is on sale today at your local comic shops!


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