Comic Pick of the Week September 18th 2013

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Century West (Image) in Trade Paperback




In a week featuring lots of continuing stories from long-running series, and not much new stuff to peak the interest of yours truly, I happened upon the trade paperback new release of Century West, a story of the American West in a transitioning world of technological breakthroughs that ushered us into the 20th century.  Eagle Award winner Howard Chaykin provides the story and art for the book, indicating that this should be viewed as a true labor of love-type project from the man responsible for the art in the first ten issues of the original Star Wars film adaptation series, as well as the cutting edge movie Heavy Metal.


Century West is a story of cowboys, outlaws, and a law man’s struggle between a world being left behind and the brave new world ahead of him.  Century, Texas used to be the quintessential frontier town, but it is transforming before Robert Ford’s eyes and things will never be the same again.


So, listen to the sounds of a boot-born spur, the roll of the tumbleweed, and the brazen call of an outlaw challenging the authority of a badge once more.  Mr. Wayne and Mr. Eastwood would be proud of you.


You can find Century West in a comic shop or book store for a fair bargain of $7.99.  Shoot, if that ain’t a deal.


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Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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