Comic Pick of the Week October 9th 2013

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Coffin Hill #1 (Vertigo)







Vertigo Comics is DC’s harder edge comic line, and as the cover for Coffin Hill #1, you may agree that this is not for the average spandex super-hero reading comic fan.  But I admit an affinity for the horror genre when done right, and the Vertigo line has been offering up some pretty good stuff over the past year or so (check out New Deadwardians and Saucer Country to name a couple).  So, it is with this morbidly hopeful heart that I swiped this one off the local comic store shelf and forked over the $3 for a story spun by the mind of novelist Caitlin Kittredge (Black London series) with artwork handled by Inaki Miranda (Fairest).


Eve Coffin, the protagonist of the story, was a naughty little teenager into all of the wrong things in her home town of Coffin Hill (named for her more than well-to-do but very cursed family), including drugs and witchcraft to name a few.  When she returns to her hometown a decade later a gunshot survivor as a Boston police officer, she discovers that the sins of her past have caught up with her in the most supernatural of ways.




Coffin Hill is off to a terrific start.  Kittredge is already weaving a fascinating yarn and Miranda’s pencils are a perfect compliment to the mood and tone being set.  I’ll be on board for issue two when it hits, and I encourage you to get a copy today (if you are of the mature reading age, of course).


Great Stories are everywhere!



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