Comic Pick of the Week October 16th 2013

Great Stories selects…..

Mind the Gap Volume 1: Intimate Strangers (Image)







Yes, another collection is our pick of the week, even though it is not a new release.  Great Stories got on the Mind the Gap bandwagon a little late, and quickly discovering it to be a worthy read full of intrigue and compelling characters.  The first volume collects the first five issues, which finds a young woman left in a coma after some very sinister foul play.  To make matters worse, her families motives and perhaps their very involvement may have something to do with the poor woman’s predicament.  But what no one seems to know is that the victim, Elle Peterson, is very much aware of what is happening around her in the hospital and having an out of body experience that places her in the realm of the in-between where she can reach others in similar states.  And she is doing her best to return from this beyond and find out who is responsible.


We are tearing through the second volume, Wish You Were Here, as of this post.  Hope you do the same!






Great Stories are everywhere!


Chris (for the Great Stories Team)

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