Comic Pick of the Week November 27th 2013

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Conan & the People of the Black Circle #2 (Dark Horse)







Dark Horse has been doing a fine job with Robert E. Howard’s creation.  They have re-released a ton of the old Marvel material under their own brand, while maintaining the regular Conan monthly title along with the occasional four to six issue King Conan story arcs, all in very capable hands from a story and art perspective.  Last month, Fred Valente and Ariel Olivetti began the adaptation of Howard’s novella “The People of the Black Circle”, with painted art as opposed to the standard pencils and the product is truly top notch.  The subject material works well with the artistic style, proving that beauty and grit can go hand in hand.


The first issue which we read last month was relatively Conan-free as the set-up of the story featured a King succumbing to dark magics and the tragic action that his sister was forced to commit in its wake.  Swearing revenge for her brother’s death has caused her to deal with the man who she believes can bring about the end of those responsible, but things do not go as she anticipates.


You can find Conan &the People of the Black Circle #1 and #2 at your local comic shops.  Check it out if you are a fan of action-oriented fantasy done in beautiful painted art!


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