Comic Pick of the Week for September 5 2013

Great Stories Selects…..


The New DC World Event


Kneel before———–you must know this guy, right?




 Zod takes over the pages of Action Comics


Every title in the DC Universe gets a major shakeup as the villains become the stars and their own covers.  The New 52, DC’s most recent re-launch, throws us this latest twist in a nice neat package of standard and alternative covers that are sure to tempt the collector in you.  Some books are harder to find than others, but we will let you feast your eyes on just a handful of the titles that were released this week for your enjoyment.  Now, don’t waste any more time and rush out to find out just how out their minds DC’s creative teams really are these days.


Black Mantra makes Aquaman finally cool?


Solomon Grundy is a scary dude in Earth 2



Harley Quinn is not Batman’s ideal date in Detective Comics



All of these title and more rogue gallery mayhem are out in stores now from DC!

Great Stories are everywhere!!!


Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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