Comic Pick of the Week for November 20th 2013

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Velvet #1 (Image)







Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, the team responsible for relaunching the successful Captain America title back in 2004 bring to the page a strong female character in the title Velvet.  Velvet Templeton is an office admin with some decidedly deadly talents, as will be discovered by readers in this yarn that is chalk full of espionage, assassination, and mystery.


There has been a wealth of female leads whose strength and purpose seem to hold significant sway of late.  Just look at Greg Rucka’s Lazarus and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Pretty Deadly (both of which were featured as Great Stories top selections in their debut weeks).  Velvet is no different in this regard.  If you are looking for the women’s equivalent of James Bond, you may have wondered onto her right here in these very pages.  Epting’s art is effective in its gloom and he draws his characters with an appreciated level of realism.  Too many books of late draw angular or disproportional characters that just take away from the visual storytelling (see Marvel’s Thunderbolts for a prime example).  The art in this book has enhanced the story beautifully and breathed life into panels that contain no dialogue whatsoever, and that is very much appreciated.


This book is seeing a second printing due to the highly successful debut just a couple of weeks back, and we are happy for that as you will have a chance to pick it up at a store near you (and we hope you do!).


Great Stories are everywhere!


-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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