Comic Pick of the Week for January 22 2014

Great Stories selects……


Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9 (Marvel)







Odd choice for a pick of the week.  Yes, it is one of the b-books in the Spider-man series, but it has Marco Checchetto at the artistic helm!  And it reunites the three characters that served as the first major cross-over in Greg Rucka’s unbelievably great Punisher run not too long ago (in The Omega Effect).  Yes, that’s enough for us to make this new team-up story our featured book.  Setting the stage for this reunion is a Superior Spider-Man on a serious rampage against the head of all crime syndicates in New York City.  Having taken down Owl, Vulture, Tombstone, White Dragon, and Kingpin, things are looking a lot more safe and secure.  But a new threat of unknown origin takes everyone by surprise by infiltrating the thought-to-be impenetrable Spider Island.  Check out part one of this story and then do yourself an even bigger favor and pick up those Rucka-Checchetto Punisher trade paperbacks!

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-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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