Comic Pick of the Week for December 11th

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Manifest Destiny #2 (Image)






OK, where were we a month ago when the first issue hit all of the local comic shops?  Oh yeah.  We were right there in line buying.  If it were not for some fierce competition that week, you would have been hearing about this one much sooner.  No better time than the present, however, to push the heck out of this one.


Lewis and Clarke are on their journey of discovery in the New World and what they come across is not at all what you would expect.  You see, this is an America that is not quite the one you would recognize from your history books.  And for the members of this famous expedition, it may be a tale they don’t live to repeat.  Historical fiction has not been this much fun in graphic novel form since we can remember.  Writer Chris Dingess and artist Matthew Roberts are your navigators as you head west into the great unknown as the sun sets.  The expedition is still accepting volunteers, so come along for the adventure!


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Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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