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Locke & Key Alpha (IDW)







Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, is an accomplished writer on his own.  With the novels “NOS4A2”,  “Heart-Shaped Box” and “Horns”, as well as the short story collection “20th Century Ghosts”, he is carving out his own little spot in the halls of horror-themed fiction.  Having read both his short story collection and first novel, I can say with certainty that his gift for spinning a yarn is a hereditary boon.  Locke & Key, however, may be his most impressive work to date.  The graphic novel might be his most impressive work of them all, however.  Telling the story of a mysterious house in a small Massachusetts hamlet that hold some amazing secrets for a family that has been afflicted with serious tragedy.  We don’t want to spoil this series for you, and even though the current issue of Locke & Key is our pick of the week, readers should really do themselves a favor and pick up the graphic novel releases with a story that originated in February of 2008.  The first collection, available in hard cover and paperback, is entitled “Welcome to Lovecraft”.  “Head Games”, “Crown of Shadows”, “Keys to the Kingdom”, and “Clockworks” all followed as the formal collections to the monthly comic series.  We cannot recommend this series highly enough.  Along with “Morning Glories”, this may be the best long-running independent comic series on the market today.  And once you get caught up on all of that reading, pick up the story in “Locke & Key Alpha #1”.




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