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Conan the Barbarian #19 (Dark Horse)








Conan the Barbarian #19 begins a new story arc called Black Stones from the team of Brian Wood (writer) and Paul Azaceta (art).  We have been following Dark Horse’s Conan run since the start and have really enjoyed the re-telling of the classic saga.  The previous eighteen issues explored Conan’s early travels with a focus on his seafaring mercenary days that saw him at once battle a pirate queen, only to join her crew and become her lover.  Belit, as she is so named, saves Conan from captivity later on in the series and even joins him for an arduous journey back to Conan’s homeland where tragedy greets them both.  The Black Stones story arc finds the deadly pair rejoining their crew on the Tigress and heading back to open waters and the hunt for more merchant vessels to plunder.  But they get more than they bargain for in the form of their latest quarry…something that could very well lead to their undoing once and for all!


Fans of epic fantasy should know the Conan brand very well.  From the imagination of author Robert E. Howard, the intellectual property has spawned three movies, the Red Sonja spin-off movie, many comic runs, tons of merchandise, and a recently rumored new movie trilogy!


You can find Conan the Barbarian #19 in comic stores everywhere today.


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