Comic Pick for the Week of December 18th

Great Stories selects……


Thunderbolts Annual #1 (Marvel)








This pick came as a very big surprise to us since we have been following this title since its debut well over a year ago.  A title that has left us feeling empty and disappointed I am sad to say in spite of the wealth of great characters (Deadpool, Punisher, Elektra, and Venom among them).  We were big fans of the book back in the day when the title featured true c-level characters like Atlas, Mach V, and Songbird.  Since then, it has gone through various iterations with the latest being led by General Ross/Red Hulk.  Nineteen issues of indifference finally has given way to what was the most entertaining issue of the series thus far as Ross assembles his anti-hero unit to take out Doctor Strange, who has seemingly gone rogue.  The writing is with the perfect dose of humor and sufficient action sequences.  Ben Acker and Ben Blacker fit in a lot of characters and plot in the pages they are given and the results are quite satisfying.  Heck, you even get an appearance from Elsa Bloodstone the Monster Hunter!  How is that for reaching into the archives of Marvel lore? Artist Matteo Lolli provides better art than we have been accustomed to seeing in this title of late as well!


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-Chris (for the Great Stories team)

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