Comic Pick for August 7th 2013

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George R. R. Martin’s Skin Trade #2 (Avatar)



Adapted from George R.R. Martin’s critically acclaimed novella of the same name, Skin Trade is a story of a detective that is brought in to investigate a rash of murders that share the same odd connection.  Her best friend, meanwhile, seems to know something that he is not at liberty to share, and a very powerful family is harboring some secrets of their own.  The writer of the epic Game of Thrones series delves into werewolf lore to great result.  Daniel Abraham adapts the novella to graphic novel form with Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Gravel) handling the art.  Daniel is no stranger to the world of George R.R. Martin, as he writes the Game of Thrones graphic novel adaptations as well.  And the pencils provided by Mike Wolfer are the perfect compliment to Abraham’s re-telling of the source material.  The mystery provided in issue #1 is enough to have us excited to pick up the #2 in stores today.

Skin Trade #2 was released today, but you can still find the first issue (released last month) in comic shops everywhere.

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