Comic Pick for August 14th 2013

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Writer Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, Fantastic Four) teams with artist Nick Dragotta (Captain America: Forever Allies) to bring you a very original look at a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse story.  The series began five issues ago with a look at the American Civil War and a look at what 2064 looks like for the now ‘Seven Nations of America”.  America is fractured and lost.  Even the President is not safe from the coming judgement and the unfolding story is both compelling and feels unique.  What more can one ask for as a reader?  Nick’s art portrays the desolate landscapes that inspire the despair of a world teetering on the edge of extinction, and serve as the playground for the very different but wholly dangerous horsemen.


In a week that sees Marvel role out its latest epic cross-title arc, “Infinity”, we are still more excited for this issue of East of West as the pick of the litter.  Fans of Westerns and Futuristic Sci Fi will enjoy this title, and for those of you who like to wait for trade paperback collections, one should not be too far behind as the first arc starts to wrap up this month.

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