2013: The Year of the Great Story

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the story of a start-up business that began officially in July 2012 with the launch of our website (www.great-stories.net).  Great Stories is taking to the blogging community with a mission.  That mission is to spread the good news that creativity and imagination is alive and well within us all.  While the family business has a foundation in retail, we have much broader goals than just being some ordinary place of commerce….not to say that what we sell is not interesting.  Far from it, since our store features some rare and hard to find treasures for collectors and kids of all ages!

No, Great Stories is far more than that in the minds of its creators and proprietors.  It will be far more than that in a future time that remains to be seen.  And the beginnings of that vision will unfold within this very blog.   It is our hope that you stick around, bookmark this site and come visit us time to time so you can see for yourself the metamorphosis that Great Stories takes on over time.  We will do our best to make this blog an interesting place for collectors and fans of all of the things we love so dearly to discuss, contemplate, and immerse ourselves in.

We don’t want to say too much about what the future has in store for Great Stories and our friends from all over, but we are excited to take this journey with you and see where it leads.  So, here is to a wonderful 2013 for everyone out there.  We hope that you have a year that matches the dreams we have for Great Stories.  Love, honor, and courage be your companions as we write new chapters of life together!


We’ll see you on the blog soon,

Chris (for the entire Great Stories team)

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